Safe Driving: Devices in the Back

Tech gadgets and devices get more addictive as time marches on. Smart phones are an emphasized danger, even to great drivers. Five seconds of distraction is all it takes to cause a ten car pile up, or worse.

Thankfully, you can avoid similar domestic disasters just by putting all tech in the backseat or trunk before even starting the car. By doing so, you're effectively removing the biggest modern source of auto accidents and increasing everyone's life expectancy. You're also giving yourself greater defensive driving odds, should any other distracted drivers be on the road, saving you thousands in hypothetical damages.

Something else to think about: Removing your tech from direct reach means the battery won't drain and you won't drop or damage it while commuting. That's less hassle for you, a longer life for your gadgets, and safer travel; what more could a conscientious driver ask for?
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