Car Seats and the 2017 Ford Escape

Installing car seats isn't fun. Latches can be hard to reach and even just fitting the car seat into the car can feel like a challenge. A car that makes that experience even a little less painful is a car that all parents (and prospective ones!) should consider.

Awarded and A-rating following car seat installation tests by, the 2017 Ford Escape might be the car you're looking for.

The 2017 Escape is well-known for its comfortable interior. This includes having enough space for car seats of all types and sizes. The Escape also boasts two sets of easy to use latches and a trio of tether anchors positioned near the bottom of the rear seatbacks. These all work together to make car seat installation smoother.

If the 2017 Ford Escape sounds like it might be a fit for your family, get in touch with Dorsch Ford. Our Ford brand experts can tell you about the rest of the Escape's excellent features. They can also talk to you about the other highlights of our stock of new 2017 Ford cars.

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