How the New Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Car’s Brain Works

Have you ever wondered how an autonomous car thinks? In a recent blog post on, Chris Brewer, Chief Program Engineer for Ford Autonomous Vehicle Development, breaks it all down.

Look into the Mind of the Fusion Hybrid

To look into the mind of Ford’s latest autonomous vehicle, one doesn’t have to go far. The Fusion’s “brain” lives in the trunk, where several computers produce one terabyte of data an hour. This is more juice than the average person would use in mobile-phone data in 45 years.

However, ultimately, the Fusion’s brain is powered by Ford’s top notch engineers. The sophisticated algorithms they write process millions of pieces of data every second. The autonomous vehicle wouldn’t be nearly as precise or intuitive without them.

In January 2017, the American car company will show off the Fusion Hybrid at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the North American International Auto Show. In January 2016, Ford elevated the number of first-generation autonomous Fusion Hybrids from the original fleet of 10 announced in late 2013, to 30.

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