Strength Meets Technology in the 2017 Ford Transit Connect

The all new 2017 Ford Transit Connect is the ultimate heavy duty vehicle for storage and transportation. Available in several different models, the 2017 Connect offers an unique smart technology design with a variety of tough perks. You can enjoy limitless work accomplishments with this wagon.

This heavy duty vehicle can tow an upwards of 2000 pounds. Giving you the power to get the job done, this vehicle also features Sway Control technology. Once towing is equipped, the sway control prevents the vehicle from irregular vehicle movement. The new AdvanceTrac with RSC and Sway Control uses a series of sensors while your commuting between jobs.
The sensors monitor oversteer, understeer, wheel slip and even road conditions.

The 2017 Ford Transit Connect also uses Torque Vectoring Control and Curve Control. Protecting drivers and equipment, the vehicle will reduce speed automatically once a curb is presented. Allowing you a safe and easy journey, the new 2017 Ford Transit Connect delivers strength and smart technology like no other.
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