The Biggest Warning Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Knowing when your car battery is about to die can help you to get things under control before you find yourself stranded somewhere with a dead battery. The following warning signs of a failing car battery should help alert you to trouble:

  • The car horn sounds weaker or doesn't even work at all.
  • The check-engine light remains on all the time when driving.
  • The battery casing is bloated or appears swollen.
  • Your car needs to be jump-started some days in order get running.
  • Once the car is running, the interior lights flicker on and off.
  • The headlights are dimmer than they should be after your car starts running.
  • Each morning when you try to start the car, the engine cranks slowly.
  • There's a strong odor coming from the battery compartment.

If you have car battery concerns, get in touch with the service center at Dorsch Ford in Green Bay, WI. Our maintenance experts can hone in on the problem and replace your battery if needed.

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