Start Preparing for Winter in Green Bay Now—Why You Need Snow Tires

Living next to the Great Lakes means snow, and a lot of it. That's why it's important to start prepping your car now, before a surprise early-season blizzard leaves you stranded.

One question we hear a lot of is, "What kind of tires do I need? All-seasons, or winters?" We also know many drivers who believe all-season tires are all they need, because their truck or SUV has four-wheel drive—like the F-150, or the Ford Escape.

It's not hard to find videos, like the one we posted above, demonstrating how important tires are for winter-weather traction. An SUV with 4x4 capability is helpless when it only has summer tires, while the front-wheel drive version of the same vehicle breezes by with snow tires.

All-season tires are a far better choice than driving on summer tires, but they still can't compete with winter tires. Winter tires are specially formulated with softer rubber and different tread patterns for optimum performance in freezing temperatures and slick surfaces.

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