One of the convenience features in the Ford Flex that is beneficial when it's raining is the sensor located in the front wipers. If it detects moisture on the windshield, then the wipers will come on automatically, which is beneficial if you happen to forget to turn them on if it starts raining in Green Bay. While at Dorsch Ford Lincoln, you can get assistance with setting the sensor level if you don't want the wipers to come on in minimal rain conditions.

MyKey is a feature that allows you to coordinate details on different key fobs with other drivers in your home. You can also set restrictions for drivers, such as teenagers who shouldn't drive over a certain speed.

A warning light displays on your key when you reach a certain gas level, making it easier to know when you need to fill your vehicle up instead of letting it get empty. The Belt-Minder gives an alert until the seatbelts are fastened and keeps the radio quiet until everyone is buckled.



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